Wyoming is a deregulated state, and deregulation is all about giving the consumers the power to choose a natural gas supplier.

Here's how it works: The utility company delivering the gas to your home or business doesn't change. They continue to deliver the gas to you, read the meter, and send you the bill. The only difference is that the natural gas supply line item on that bill will be from CenterPoint Energy Services. What you get is the power to choose who you purchase the natural gas from, and at what price.

CenterPoint Energy Services purchases that gas and puts it in the utility's distribution system. This happens with many utility companies in the U.S. In fact, our team of experts has a legacy of providing competitive natural gas plans to large commercial, small business, and residential customers across the country.

Center Point Energy Services helps you take control of your natural gas costs and helps you find the plan that's right for your needs — and your budget. With a range of easy-to-understand, value-centered plans and backed by one of the most trusted names in the industry, find out why thousands of customers trust CenterPoint Energy Services to supply their natural gas.

The next Choice Gas selection period for Nebraska residential and commercial customers begins on April 12, 2019. Residential and commercial customers can select their supplier and plan now, ahead of April’s selection period. We’ve made it easier than ever to choose CenterPoint Energy Services. Click here to get started with your selection. Need assistance with your residential or commercial selection? Call us at 888-200-3788.

To learn more about deregulation check out some FAQs.

*Cogent Highest Ranked Overall Engaged Customer Relationship Index Score (Cogent Energy)


  • Consumers and businesses served by Black Hills Energy can choose their own natural gas supplier during the annual selection period each year in April
  • Backed by over a century of expertise, we’re trusted by thousands of your neighbors
  • CenterPoint Energy was recently ranked as the #1 Most Trusted Energy Provider*
  • Reliability is a hallmark of our industry and we deliver reliable service to customers across the U.S.

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